Farm to Fuel: Technologies Advanced and Sold in the Arkansas Delta

Biofuel Project Can Boost Delta Economy
‘Farm to Fuel’ will use natural resources to bring new jobs to the Arkansas Delta

DeWitt, AR – The Arkansas County community of DeWitt is the site for launch of the first “Farm to Fuel” project on October 29 that promises jobs and energy independence for the Arkansas Delta, the Arkansas Advanced Energy Foundation (AAEF) announced today.

Commercial-scale Bio Energy as an Economic Development Strategy for Arkansas

Arkansas is a biomass rich state. Winrock International, partnering with Arkansas State University and the U.S. Economic Development Administration, released a report in April, 2012, demonstrating economic impact of three hypothetical bioenergy enterprises: a cellulosic biorefinery; a standalone biopower electricity generation plant with 100MW capacity; and a co-firing biopower enterprise with a 100MW capacity.

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