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An Apprenticeship Program made for you!

An Apprenticeship in advanced energy and sustainability enables to have a paid job and training in an exciting emerging industry that makes a difference in the world.  Career Growth opportunity is here today and will continue tomorrow. Check out More information about apprenticeship here.

Skills Development

  • Learn new skills that grow your knowledge in a chosen Apprenticeship.
  • Receive classroom Instruction paid for by the employer.
  • Often employers also pay your hourly wage while in classroom.
  • Achieve Nationally recognized credentials.
  • Entrance into the fast-growing, emerging sustainability and energy career.

93% of apprentices who complete a RAP retain employment with an average annual salary of $77,000


  • Hired full time job with benefits in the career path you decide.
  • Competitive wages with progressive raises.
  • Path for career growth including promotions.
  • Mentored on-the-job training (OJT).

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