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Employers love Apprenticeship

Utilize this proven training program that allows you to hire immediately, train specifically, and realize cost savings, all while AAEF sends you qualified candidates, manages the paperwork, and provides funding. Learn more about apprenticeship here: https://www.apprenticeship.gov/employers/explore-apprenticeship

Get Started

  1. Participate in a kick-off meeting with your team to learn more.
  2. Provide details on open positions with desired skills and education
  3. Hire an Apprentice, provide a mentor, give skills updates, provide wage increases

Employer Benefits

  • Develop a skilled, motivated, qualified, diverse workforce
  • Activate another tool in your larger workforce strategy toolbox
  • Demonstrate investment in the community
  • Meet IRA requirements for renewable energy and energy efficiency tax credits

Cost Savings range from $5-10k per apprentice (ROI within one year)

Reduce training costs

$3k reimbursement for education/training costs.
$2k state income tax credit

Increase productivity

AAEF provides project management

Reduce recruitment costs

AAEF provides talent acquisition support by providing a diverse pool of candidates

Increase Loyalty, Engagement, Retention

Average of 84% retention

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April Ambrose, Director of Workforce Development
aambrose@arkansasadvancedenergy.com or 501.733.9996